Kivila Beauty was birthed out of a desire to achieve healthy skin and eliminate facial burns as a result from harsh skincare products. For years, I suffered with skin discoloration, and dark spots. I tried everything to achieve beautiful, healthy skin. Nothing worked. That’s why I developed Kivila Beauty. The name Kivila means beautiful in Africa.

Today, many of the products in the marketplace contain harsh chemicals that will strip your skin of its natural beauty, texture and elasticity. If you’ve ever had uneven skin tone, dark spots, acne, burns or any other skin concerns you couldn’t quite figure out, welcome! You’ve finally found the solution to your skincare problems. We offer safe, proven, and effective products to help heal and beautify your skin so you will feel radiant and beautiful.

Skincare is our passion, and our values are rooted in consumer advocacy. Each of our formulas is backed by cited scientific research, ensuring effectiveness and safety. We believe in results-driven skincare that doesn't compromise the natural look of your skin. Our carefully curated selection of products takes the guesswork out of your skincare routine. All of our products are medical grade which ensures results and effectiveness. Welcome to smart, safe, results-driven skincare. No hype, just beautiful skin. skin."

Founder - Christina Kizzee

Find out what makes us special:


Nature and Science in Harmony

We use a combination of natural and scientific approaches to produce optimal results through our formulations.


Tailored to Your Needs

Our products are carefully crafted to address specific skincare concerns, providing personalized solutions.


Clean Beauty, Inside and Out

We prioritize clean beauty, formulating our products without harmful ingredients, promoting skin health from the inside out.


Backed by Scientific Research

To ensure efficacy and safety of our formulations, research has been conducted to ensure that they have been developed scientifically.


Uncompromising Quality

We source the finest ingredients globally, ensuring the highest quality and exceptional performance in every product.


Sustainable Beauty for a Better World

We are committed to sustainable practices, creating skincare that is kind to both your skin and the environment.